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The LuvPug Foundation Scholarship

Updated: May 16, 2021

The LuvPug Foundation Scholarship was created to acknowledge graduating high school seniors for their passion for helping animals, volunteering and activism in their school or community and who are kind, helpful and seen as a positive role model to their classmates and peers.

We are offering our first ever scholarship to a 2021 Millis, MA high school student. We hope to make more scholarships available throughout the US in the years to come.

This is specifically a non academic scholarship. This scholarship is given to a deserving student based on one of more of the following qualifications: they have volunteered in any capacity with animal rescue efforts; stood up for a cause in the face of adversity; stood up for someone who was being bullied or treated unfairly; made a difference in someone's life;

have given back to their community; have a goal to make a positive change in the world.

It is not a requirement that the students have been accepted into college, but they should have a plan in place for their future. A short written essay is required to apply for the scholarship. Criteria includes detailing volunteer efforts to help animals in need, any community service describing how they made a difference in he lives of animals or their community, the importance of being an advocate for others, when they may have made a difference in the lives of peers by standing up to bullying or another cause.

Any application without a written essay will not be accepted.

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