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Our pack works to improve the lives of animals from all over the United States and Aruba!

Board Members





From the time she was a child, Angela felt a deep kinship with homeless and neglected animals.

 In 2012, her 12 1/2 year old beloved pug Sophie, whom she lovingly referred to as her ‘Little Luvpug,’ died, leaving Angela devastated. After some time, she adopted a senior cat from the Iowa Animal Rescue League, along with a senior, disabled pug from Pug Partners of Nebraska.

 She then decided to channel her grief through volunteering, which turned into a passion for helping local animals rescues, fostering dogs and cats, specializing in senior and disabled animal rescue and taking part in spay & neuter clinics.  She has also taken part in several animal rescue mission trips to Aruba after witnessing the large homeless pet population and great need for volunteers while on vacation.

 As she shared her experiences and photos on social media, her family and friends started supporting her rescue efforts. When she realized that she could help more animals by getting others directly involved, she began dreaming of creating a non-profit organization for homeless and disabled animals. With active determination, she turned her dreams into reality and founded The LuvPug Foundation in January 2020.

 She chose the board members carefully, knowing that each of them had skills needed to make an animal rescue organization successful and feels they all bring unique qualities to the table. 

 Angela will be the first to tell you that ‘without them, none of this would be possible.’

 To date, Angela has adopted, fostered and helped rescue nearly 100 dogs and cats, as well as birds, bunnies and rodents.

 She also recently completed a veterinary assistant course with plans to work part time in a veterinary clinic in order to provide even better care for her senior and disabled foster animals.

Mark Chansky


    Mark Chansky, a graduate of   UMASS Amherst, has a thirty

 year career in sales and marketing.

   He has been an active advocate for animal rescue and has fostered

with his wife Angela for several years.

  He enjoys coaching his sons' sports teams and is proud of his oldest son being accepted into his alma mater.


Cindy Abuele


Cindy Abuele's love of animals started at a young age. Her family always had animals in the house, and she spent time with many different types of critters during her years in 4H. After she and her partner adopted her rescue dogs, Sadie and Bella, Cindy eagerly joined the rescue group that provided their adoption as one of their Event Coordinators and has been involved with rescue in one way or another ever since. Her favorite method of service is "boots on the ground" -- actively being there, helping, participating and making a difference. After taking a break from rescue this past year to welcome her baby Lucy in the world, she is proud and ecstatic to join Angie in her mission with the LuvPug Foundation. 


Anne Pfeiffer

Secretary/Blog Coordinator

   Anne Pfeiffer has been heavily involved in animal cruelty issues since she was a teenager. It started with a “Save the Whales” campaign in high school and has included working with an organization to end gas chamber euthanasia and helping to create a “no-kill” Humane Society in her home town of Palm Coast, FL. All of her dogs,(Gus, Mandy and her beloved Dexter), were rescues and she currently has a cat, Tommykins, that was found on the street having been badly abused. She is also a vegan, devoted animal rights activist and a huge proponent of “Adopt Don’t Shop!”
     Anne’s official non-profit experience is comprised of working at the Family Life Domestic Violence shelter as an advocate, co-managing the African American Mentor’s Association at the school district where she was employed, and the Humane Society. 
     She is deeply honored to be part of the LuvPug Foundation and is very excited to help Angie continue to grow and strive to create a rescue that will be able to actively provide assistance to homeless animals anywhere there is need. 


Kelly Thomas


   Kelly Thomas has a long and diverse history of nonprofit work, including Meningitis and Special Needs advocacy and education, as well as campaigns for fine arts, public transportation and animal rescue.

  She brings tenacity and dedication to the LuvPug Foundation and looks forward to helping Angie achieve her dream of rescuing as many animals as possible. 

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