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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering? Send us an email to find out how you can help! 


Heading to Aruba soon? You can escort an animal back to the United States at no cost to you! The rescue organizations handle all of the logistics and you simply get a furry friend to bring on the plane! Click the box below to fill out the flight volunteer application.

Spay & Neuter Campaign

Did you know it’s possible for one female dog and her offspring to procreate 64,000 dogs over a time period of 6 years? The quantity of cats is even higher! Join United Dogs of Aruba for the April Spay & Neuter Campaign! Click the link below to learn more.


We regularly organize volunteer trips for those interested in helping out the rescue organizations on island in a more tangible way. Click the link below to be added to our Volunteer Trip email list - we won't spam you, we'll just let you know about upcoming trips!

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