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"Our compassion for animals is not based on geography."

What is the LuvPug Foundation?

The LuvPug Foundation is a non-profit organization on a mission to help homeless and disabled animals worldwide and improve the quality of life for animals currently in rescue or foster homes, waiting for their adoptive homes.

What are the goals of the LuvPug Foundation:

  • To work along side other local and international animal rescues to help expand adoption potential and raise awareness for their animal welfare causes

  • To provide financial support to animals who have extensive, emergency medical needs

  • To raise awareness of homeless animals everywhere

  • To raise awareness of the need for fostering animals and help provide support to animals in foster homes

  • To provide necessary and appropriate equipment and essentials for disabled animals and give financial support to those requiring physical therapy

  • To offer support for the pets of people who require financial aid or risk having to re-home them

  • To create locally based organizations in the U.S. for pack members of the LuvPug Foundation

  • To expand our foster care programs with satellite rescues all over the United States 

  • To provide fosters for animals of the elderly who are moved to assisted living/nursing home facilities

LuvPug Foundation History:

  • The LuvPug Foundation was established in 2020, with Board Members located in Massachusetts, Tennessee and Florida

  • The President and Founder, Angela Chansky, has volunteered for various animal rescues since 2012 and fostered and helped find homes for more than 50 animals. She specializes in seniors and helping rehabilitate disabled animals

  • The name "LuvPug" was a term of endearment for her beloved pug Sophie, who died in 2012 

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Donations/Amazon wish list for LuvPug

  • Sharing on Social Media

  • Satellite organization collection

  • Local fundraising for Friends of LuvPug

  • Rescue mission trips to Aruba, Texas and California, with potential expansion

  • Nursing home visits with rescue pets

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