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Sharing Truly Is Caring

Updated: May 20, 2020

We understand that not everyone is capable of taking on a foster animal or adopting. We also understand that finances can be tight and not everyone is in a position to donate financially either. If you are of limited resources but feel passionate about helping animals, there are ways to do so at no cost! Below are some ways to help our cause that don't require much time or any financial commitment:

1. Share on Social Media

Sharing a post on social media takes only seconds! It only takes one person to see a post and decide to take action. For example, one of our pack members, Kelsey, adopted her Aruban Cunucu, Shannon, after her high school classmate posted a photo from her flight volunteer experience. Kelsey saw the post and reached out to her former classmate who connect Kelsey with the Luna Foundation. Within a matter of weeks, Shannon found her furrever home with Kelsey! Sharing a post featuring an adoptable animal or posting about your volunteer experience can connect a shelter animal with their furrever or foster home with just the click of a button! Consider sharing donation links as well. Even if you aren't able to donate financially, your post may speak to someone who can and will!

2. Advocacy

Talk to your friends and family about your passion for animal rescue. Encourage them to consider adopting their next furry companion. Post your adoption story on social media. Write a blog for us and share it with your network! Click here to email us your adoption story to be featured on our Advocacy page.

3. Volunteer

There are likely organizations within just a few miles of where you live that are often looking for volunteers to help walk the animals, clean kennels, assist with social media, and more. Do you love photography? Offer to take photos of adoptable animals for organizations to share. Are a digital marketing maverick? Offer to run an organization's website or social media. Have accounting or legal experience? Nonprofits are always in need of professional services on a pro bono basis. Are you an event planner? Adoption organizations are often holding events to raise money, awareness, and adoptions - you could volunteer to help run an event. Regardless of your interests, there's always a way to help!

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